Yet another chat thread for non-practice purpose

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英作文の練習として雑談がしたい人は Chat in English スレッドへ行ってください。

This thread is for chatting in English but not for practicing writing English.
Plese go to the “Chat in English” thread if you want to write something in English as a writing practice.

102 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/04(日) 10:14:38.27

By the way, I don’t know who you guys are, but I do
appreciate your occasional posts here. Although I know
you basically focus on input, rather than output,
I wish you would contribute more posts, which would
inspire me a great deal. Throughout my life, including here
on 5-channel, I ‘ve been starving for intelligent comments
like those you guys have been sharing so far here in this thread.

20 :81 :2019/07/27(土) 23:05:10.62

By the way, thank you for putting your nickname.
As for putting your nickname, any way is fine with me. Only OED is fine if you
find it a bit too much to put your nickname fully. Putting some number is also
fine. Putting your nickname once a week, after your ワッチョイ changed, is
also fine. Please make yourself comfortable.

(This is just a hunch, but maybe we will want to consider moving to another
place in the future if we find something we don’t like about here.
I want to mingle with other people. I wonder if other people start coming here
or not. I know that this board itself doesn’t have much population.)

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In any case, my parents were busy fighting each other, with the mother always
aspiring to contribute to the outside world, while her husband always missed her
when he happened to come back home early. Both of my parents had had to
leave school at the age of 14 or 15. Even before that, they had no luxury to
stay at school just like most other pupils even at age 10 or 12 because they
had to help their parents earn their living. As a child, my mother had to skip
school for extended periods of time just to help her mother (her father had died
when she, my mother, was two) with their farm work. Although a bright student
my mother had no luxury to get an education beyond the age of 15.

Not interested in intellectual things by nature, my father was always
jealous of his wife’s intelligence despite her having had to leave
school very early. In fact, he was madly jealous of everyone in the world
who showed any hint of intelligence or intellectual interest.
He hated to study anything diligently. He was into mah-jong and TV
and other leisure activities whenever he was not at work. But he was
slightly more intelligent than most other workers, and he excelled at
verbally convincing his fellow workers about labor issues. So he managed to
become leader of 1,000 workers, organiizing them to fight the capitalists.

81 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/02(金) 07:32:02.96

In any case, as a child my father had always been jealous of his own father.
He thought he had never managed to surpass his own father. In his view,
a son is lucky if he has a father worse than he is. A son is miserable if he
has a father so great that the son can’t ever go beyond.

My father was and still is in fact jealous of all people who showed any interest in intellectual
activity. He just can’t tolerate it. That’s precisely why he behaved as if he hated me.
Although not highly intelligent (my IQ is only 109, by the way), I’ve always loved —
in fact, head over heels in love with learning. And he seemed, at least seemed, to hate
my guts. He always claimed to love me dearly. But he seemed to love me only when
I pretended to be just like him. As the eldest son, I had no recourse other than to
behave, talk, and pretend to think in ways not too remote from my father — and
from my mother.

68 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 18:57:21.16 ID:/

If I’m allowed to be critical here, it seems to me that you are being afraid of
the possible rejection from people, and in order to try to avoid it you kind of
give up the hope to be accepted from other people from the beginning.

That’s what I felt reading your post, especially this part.

> People like me won’t ever be popular. I know that. I’ve always
known it ever since I was a child.

Maybe this applies to your stance with love and friendship. Maybe you are not
confident on your part, and you are afraid of the potential failure of a
friendship or love. If you don’t open up to people, you won’t get hurt as
much, at the sacrifice of not being able to get any such things. Maybe this is
a psychological response you are having.

There is nothing wrong with not trying to be popular on YouTube. I won’t aim
it either if I were to make videos on YouTube. But I just felt that I would be
more neutral. I know that characteristically I’m not the type of guy who
becomes popular anywhere. I don’t like standing out. I’d rather want to stay in
the background. I won’t ever forcefully try to become popular, but at the same
time I won’t overly give up within me the possibility that people might like
me. It’s not my business, but it’s their business and I have no control
over it. (I won’t care about something that much over which I don’t have

I’m being too intrusive. I just wanted to help lighten what you have within
you. You haven’t asked me, and it’s not a good thing to start trying to
help people without being asked. Sorry for that.

53 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/31(水) 23:12:03.89

Let me leave a message to >>1, who I presume is so called a YouTuber.
I don’t think you’re interested in monetize your Youtube account in the least,
raking up ad revenues and such, so basically you can post whatever videos you want,
whenever you like.

But here’s my two cents.
I’d say you might want to give the intervals of posting videos and the length of
them serious thought. Everyone is busy so it’d be better to make your videos shorter
so that viewers find it easy to watch them all the way through, which gives viewers
a sense of accomplishment.

Popular Youtubers are more strategic about how they keep viewers interested in
their videos, so they take extra care in regards to the length of their videos
and how often they upload videos. If their target audience are business people,
for example, then they keep the length 15 minutes or shorter so that business people can watch
them on the train while they commute. If you post videos almost every day, then
keep the length 5 to 10 minutes or so would be good idea, because keeping up with 60 minute
videos posted every day is almost impossible.

Maybe while you shoot those videos, you lose track of time, and your knowledge of
English is so immense that to make the videos short is almost impossible. But by taking the target
audience of your account into more consideration, I think you can get more subscribers and fans.

Sorry if I sound rude or pushy or anything, which is not my intention.

97 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/04(日) 06:21:46.23

In forums where you write or speak to each other, therefore,
I just relax and practice how to think, write, and speak.
Besides, when you try to communicate with someone, you’re
actually not communicating in the true sense of the word.
Everyone is confined, and doomed to a desert of desperate
loneliness of monologuing all their life. Even those who
assert that they have numerous friends have actually been
talking to themselves, not with others. People never get to
understand each other, never actually get their messages
through to each other. Besides, no one is smart or creative
enough to come up with any ideas or feelings to share with
others. I’m no exception. As a human, we are confined to
these confines of a solitary cell for eternity. We are born
from dust, and will go back to dust, totally alone.

61 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 07:06:37.85

>>53 (continued)

But how many of them
are actually comfortable enough with English to process huge
quantities of information in English? How many of them read
a book or something in English every day? How many of them
have read at least a hundred books in English? How many of them
can see a two-hour-long movie or documentary in English and get
to understand at least 70 percent of what they say? Very few.

I know that most of my videos are designed for the selected few.
In a way, I may be being rather selfish here. It is because, although I
was saying that I wanted to serve people, I am actually trying to
serve only those selected few, only those who are the most
highly motivated to study. Those who don’t bother to watch videos
more than 30 minutes long don’t have to interact with me. If they
can’t even watch videos more than 60 minutes long, then how
can they follow lectures 90 minutes long at university or
anywhere similar? Without those lectures, how can anyone learn
anything of substance?

People like me won’t ever be popular. I know that. I’ve always
known it ever since I was a child. I wouldn’t even care if I had to
die for humankind, but then again, I don’t ever want to interact with
the lazy — those who believe they’re smart and highly motivated,
but who are actually only interested in making money and
becoming someone knowledgeable or skilled enough to impress
people. I hate them. I’m only interested in people who pursue
beauty for beauty’s sake and knowledge for knowledge’s sake and who,
if they have to serve anyone, are ready to serve them altruistically,
not for money or to impress them.

36 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/28(日) 21:21:46.03

When in Iraq, as I said before, I was working with lots of Chinese and
Arabs. So I lost no time in tackling their respective languages.
I studied Arabic and Chinese every single day, using cassette tapes and
course books and dictionaries. At night I studied those languages
(together with French) and during the day I tried to communicate
solely in their respective languages. I quickly learned to speak
rather well, which surprised all my colleages, whether Japanese or foreign,
and that amazed me as well. It’s not that I’m smart. It’s just that
I love knowledge and I had always been hungry for knowledge,
having been born as a son of parents who left school at age 15 or even 14.
Even when they were 12 or 13, they were too busy trying to help their
parents try to earn their living, so much so that they didn’t have
enough time to attend school regularly. They had to skip school very, very often.

Naturally my parents didn’t have the means to understand my thirst for knowledge.
They did know somewhat what it is to be hungry for knowledge, but
they were not as intensely, maddeningly in love with learning as I have been.
Add to this, they had to quit school at their tender ages, so that
attending college was a luxury. So, wishing to go on to graduate school or
even abroad for study was a crime.

So, all my life, at least until I was 40 or 45, I had always been suffering
from this intense sense of Original Sin because, although I was a sort of
a son born in a family of proletarians, I was knowledge-oriented.
In my formative years, the times were those of labor movement and
Mao Zedong and Pol Pot the Cambodian and Lenin and Stalin.

The vehement streams of the times made me feel as if I was fundamentally
sinful because I was hungry for knowledge and beauty and, deep in my heart,
I had this terrible urge to pursue beauty and knowledge.

92 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/03(土) 20:06:31.35

I don’t know if any one of you guys takes any interest in
the song “Hotel California” by Eagles.

Although it’s such a famous song, I hadn’t tackled the lyric of
the song until five years ago or so.

From then until four months ago, I sometimes pondered over
it and I made up my mind to produce a YouTube video
to tell how I interpret the enigmatic lyric.

Here is the result:

   (171) The Eagles’ Song “Hotel California” (a Song Review)

The above is a presentation in English. Elsewhere I uploaded
another video in Japanese where I translated, explained, and analyzed
each word, phrase, and sentence and their grammatical
aspects as well.

Both of them are much too long as always. People may not
be tempted to view videos longer than 30 minutes, much less
those 90 minutes. But how else can I ever analyze any such
profound and interesting song?

39 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/29(月) 06:33:53.59

For the past seven months I’ve been into the life and music of
Karen Carpenter, the lead singer of the musical group Carpenters.
She died in 1983 of complications stemming from anorexia nervosa
and she’s been famous, or rather, infamous, for that.
But her music has always been popular all over the world.
There are numerous fans in Japan as well.

As one of her recent fans, I’ve been watching innumerable
videos on YouTube where she performs. I’ve been seeing
documentaries and interviews on her life as well.

Not only that, I’ve been reading several books on her. Of all the
books on her life and music that I’ve read so far, by far the greatest
is this:

   Randy L. Schmidt, “Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter,” 2010

It’s a book containing 300 of real text, with 50 pages of notes and appendices.
Has anyone here read it? Or is anyone into Carpenters music or Karen’s life at all?

The more I listen to her, the more I get to appreciate her music and persona.
The more I try to delve into her life, the more mesmerized I feel.
She’s just fantastic in every way. And that’s why I’ve been trying to
translate and analyze about 120 of her songs on my YouTube channel.
I hope I’ll get to do her remaining songs (perhaps 50 of them) in the near future.
I want to analyze her life in a series of my videos as well.

117 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/05(月) 12:28:31.33

As you say, international relations and politics are too complex. China alone, even when
the issue is confined to history, and again even when it is limited to just
two or three centuries of local history, is a discipline
that deserves decades of dedicated study by a Harvard-level professor. International
issues, when you look at the world in general throughout human history, are an immensely
big discipline to cover. Mao Ze Dong alone is a big subject to tackle.

Two years ago or so, I was studying the history of the Vietnam War with American
military involvement. I read about a thousand pages of related history in English,
together with about 500 pages in Japanese as well. I also watched a total of
20 DVDs worth of documentaries and movies on the Vietnam War.
That too is a tremendously vast field of study.

Since I was very weak at history
when I was in school, failing to memorize anything at all in the subject,
I had always felt this vast lack of knowledge in my brains when it came to
social studies and history. That’s what prompted me to at least try to
study a little, although not much, of the history of Japan and of the world.

96 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/04(日) 06:21:33.45

As for me, I don’t expect too much from trying to communicate
with ordinary people. Well, here I’m NOT saying I’m EXTRAordinary.
I’m just another ordinary guy.

When I do want to “communicate” profoundly with anyone,
I read books written by famous dead poets, novelists,
scholars, and other people, and watch videos of
geniuses, whether literary, musical, or other.
True, it can’t be mutual communication. It can only be
one-sided communication, from those geniuses to me.
But how can I say anything good enough to those geniuses,
who must be far beyond me?

Here again, I’m not saying that people who are called geniuses
or famous are the only people worth my attention. But among
the seemingly ordinary people lurking or writing just short
texts (even those texts 100 lines are very short as compared to
full-length books) here and there on the Internet, it’s really hard
— or even impossible — to find someone really worth my attention.

107 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/05(月) 06:14:38.68

I’ve watched a documentary program on the Tiananmen Square incident. Someday in
the future I need to think about it more deeply and write about it, along with
the world war.

NHKスペシャル「天安門事件 運命を決めた50日」

4 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/27(土) 17:50:59.46

As for having children. It has always been my dream to have lots of children.
Maybe 10 of them. It’s quite rare to have this kind of dream in this era, isn’t
it? It is not because I expect them to become similar to me. Rather, it is
because I do not expect for them to become similar to me. How they perceive the
world and how they appreciate (or not appreciate) their life is totally up to
them. It is because it’s my determination and my will to respect other people’s
views and will.
(As for the similarity of characteristics or personality or intellect among
parents and children, I’m rather sceptical about it. I believe that they
resemble each other physically, but as I gained understanding about personality
through my study of psychology, I have come to believe that everyone is totally
very different mentally. You are aware that how different you are mentally from
your parents. You guessed that I may have inherited my intellect, if I have it,
from my ancestors. But this is also one of the points I see a big difference
between me and the other members of my family. No offense to them, it’s just a
difference in characteristics. I’m no superior to any of them as a human being.
It’s, in a way, a bit hard for me to mentally accept the fact that my children
will likely be very different from me. It’s most likely that most of them will
become ordinary people to me. (They must will still be very special to me,
though. And they might perceive me as an ordinary person from their point of
view.) I may have lots of arguments with them. They might even hate me. But I’m
going to accept them as they are.

112 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/05(月) 07:29:18.50

As far as regional dialogs used in novels, I enjoy reading works written by novelists
coming from different parts Britain or the USA. Several years ago there was a time
when I was much into reading Thomas Hardy, a 19th-century novelist
from Dorset, England. I read six of his novels at the time. Dorset is to the southwest of
London. I don’t know what the English dialect of the locals today is like, but at least the
19th-century dialect used in the author’s novels is interesting. At first it was hard for me to
follow the dialog, full of dialectal expressions and transcriptions of speech with dialectal
accent. But with lots of patience, I got used to it.

Likewise, I read two of Charles Dickens’ novels. They too are full of regional speech.
The same is true of D.H. Lawrence.

As for movies, I enjoyed watching “Angela’s Ashes,” where the characters speak
with the dialectal accent of Ireland. (I don’t remember which part of Ireland
it is from.)

I enjoy regional speech in novels and movies so much that I’ve reached a point
where I don’t even like works of art using no dialectal accent or local expressions.
In gangster movies and other movies set in ghettos, for example, the characters
often use Black English accents and Italian immigrants’ accents, for example.
They’re both beautiful if those accents are the authentic accents the locals
were brought up with.

True, I don’t like the accents of speakers who speak
English as a foreign language and can’t speak with a standard English accent.
But I happen to like the regional or dialectal accents and phrasing that
the children of immigrant parents and of African American families.
Although substandard, those are the accents and speech patterns that
the speakers are brought up with. Such languages I like. I wish I could learn
to emulate some of their dialects, but I’m not good at it.

103 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/04(日) 20:28:41.90

I believe YouTube and Twitter are among the best places to output your
thoughts. Twitter has the limitation on the length of each post, so maybe
having a blog might also be good.
As for me, I still don’t have the guts to start posting videos on YouTube, and
Twitter seems to be a bit too directional.

And, come to think of it, it seems that I want to have a casual place also. I
want to write about anything from daily stuff to philosophical stuff. Most of
them don’t deserve to be an independent article or a video.
I don’t have anyone to talk to in Japanese, I’m not looking for it, but instead
I’m looking for places or people with whom I can talk in English or where I can
do my daily activities in English. (I’m extreme on this. I don’t watch Japanese
TV programs and I don’t talk to people in Japanese as much as I can. I even
switched the language I use here to English.)

80 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/02(金) 07:27:37.11

At all kinds of verbal — and sometimes, physical — violence, my father
was really good. He had his own share of talents, which were rare among
most other people. It’s just that he was not good at intellectual things.
In fact, he just could not put up with seemingly tedious, monotonous
hard work at memorizing things and reading lengthy books, trying to
process tons of information. But at doing things seemingly spectacular,
like fighting those wicked capitalists, my father was better than anyone else.
That’s the area where he showed his talent.

But my father was the opposite of me. He in fact was jealous of his own father.
He was from a family of seemingly intellectual members. Most other members of
the family would make fun of him for his seemingly lower intelligence and
laziness at intellectual work. My father’s father was a teacher (in those days,
say, 80 years ago or so, teachers were highly respected in every way). Not only that,
my grandfather was one of the disciples of Kano Jigoro, one of the first leaders
in the judo world. My grandfather therefore excelled at persistence. He could put up
with just about anything, even with the pain he had to endure after having a tooth
removed at his dentist’s office without anaesthesia. In fact, my grandfather was
inquisitive by nature and had wanted to experience the pain that one had to undergo
from a surgical operation without pain-killer. So, he went to the dentist and insisted
that the latter remove his tooth without the medicine. Coming back home later on,
my grandfather said, “Wow, the pain from a tooth removed without anaesthesia
is surelly great, isn’t it?” Such was my grandfather.

56 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 01:10:54.69 ID:/

I want to move to another country but I come to face the reality that it’s
not easy to do. The thought that I might not be able to move to another country
for the rest of my life gives me a feeling that I’m stuck in my life. I’m
more or less satisfied at the moment with staying in Japan, but I don’t know
about the future. It seems to me that Japan will likely to lose its momentum.
Now we are facing the problem of the aging society and declining population. If
Japan will lose its economic strength in the future, combined with the problems
mentioned above, Japan might not stay as comfortable a country to stay in the
future as it is now.

Thinking about moving to another country makes me feel depressed instead of
making me feel motivated.

Maybe I should forget about the idea of moving to another country and try to
get satisfied with the life I will likely to have here in Japan. I don’t have
the feeling that I’m in control of my life and I don’t like it. Sorry for

Maybe I should try to change the society in Japan but I have already come to a
point where I don’t associate myself with other Japanese people very much.
Maybe I have been suffering a bit of identity loss.

83 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/02(金) 09:10:26.53

What impressive writing skills you have and how elegantly you express your
thoughts! I still get amazed and impressed.

I started understanding the complexity of the situation you were in. I believe
I had a hard time with the dysfunctional family of mine, but now I think yours
is worse, especially when you and your father have almost the opposite
personalities and your father has his own issues with his own father, which
affected the relation between you and him. You can’t resolve it easily
because it’s his problem, not yours and his.

95 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/03(土) 23:47:56.88 ID:B9kw/

As for the language learning app, maybe it’s not my thing. The posts there are
for practicing purposes and tend to be shallow. Maybe I should dive into a
native world in order to obtain what I want.

90 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/03(土) 07:51:11.44 ID:B9kw/

One thing I don’t really like about composing English sentences on Google
Documents is that it uses this apostrophe mark ‘ instead of this one ‘ .

94 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/03(土) 23:45:00.48 ID:B9kw/

I have been lurking on some sub reddits. It’s interesting to know what people
from various countries think about things from different perspectives. I should
have started visiting English websites earlier. I remember how I felt when I
first met Japanese forums such as 5ch. It took me some time to get familiar
with them. Now I feel the same way with English forums. I think it’ll take some
time for me to get familiar with their culture and customs there. But I’m kinda
excited to get into a new world.

106 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/05(月) 00:35:27.35

Many American dramas have characters who have foreign accents. I understand
their intention but I don’t like it very much because it affects my English. My
English is not very firm and it can be easily affected by foreign accents.

26 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/28(日) 17:08:51.05

Now I’ve switched back to my usual anonymous status.

28 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/28(日) 17:15:04.65

By the way, what do you do for a living? Or would you prefer
to keep it a secret? If so, I’ll understand. I’m just curious because
such a great writer in English is very, very rare among the Japanese
native speakers, so I just wanted to ask.

I mean, everything about you
is mysterious. I just want to know anything and everything about you.
Of course, if you don’t want to talk about anything other than
substantial issues such as those about life and society and
other serious social or philosophical matters, then I’ll follow suit.

64 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 07:45:40.29

All my life, I’ve been pondering with tremendous seriousness
over these issues of love, friendship, communication, and
human interaction. Maybe I’m too serious. Most people
seem to consider them much more casually. It seems that
if only they think they’re enjoying talking with someone,
and if that someone too seems to be enjoying the talk, then
they seem to believe that they’ve managed to establish
a good relationship, or at least temporary communication anyway.

As for me, I delve further. It’s really easy to pretend to
enjoy communicating with others. We’re programmed to pretend
doing so, whether consciously or unconsciously. We’re afraid
of *not* enjoying something. Naturally we do pretend, even
though most people seem to be unaware.

Okay then, but many people do seem to enjoy talking with others
from the bottom of their hearts. But then again, how many of them
are really certain that the other person at the other end of the
conversation is actually enjoying it? How many of them
are really positive that they share something?

I’ve been blabbering. Sorry. No one is obligated to read my
lengthy messages of monologue seriously, much less respond.

84 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/02(金) 09:10:47.12

I may talk about things in my family. I may not. It’s not to try to compare
mine with yours — there is no point in doing such a thing — but to just show
my case. But since I don’t see any point in me trying to talk about my family
in detail, maybe I won’t.
But I’ll write about this one particular thing briefly. My father doesn’t
seem to have high enough intelligence to understand me in the slightest, even
though he was a high school teacher and he, as a teacher, was in a position
where he taught people (students). He seems to have believed that he is more
intelligent than I am because I have always been out of his reach and he
couldn’t understand me at all. I have never had my IQ tested and I don’t know
how intelligent the average person is, but I would assume his intelligence is
slightly lower than the average. (But I could be wrong here. Maybe his one
could be slightly above average.)
One of the significant differences between my case and your case is that my
father doesn’t get jealous of other people, including me, very much even if
he finds them more intelligent than he is. To be precise, he just doesn’t seem
to understand who is more intelligent. (In this sense, your father might be
more intelligent than my father.) This difference between my father and your
father is significant, I think, and I feel for you even more for this.

I won’t write anything more at the moment about what you have written. I
don’t think I can say, or I should say, anything more.

(By the way, it’s hard to believe about your IQ. And I question the accuracy
of such tests. Human intelligence has lots of factors and I don’t think it
can be measured fully by such simple tests.)

10 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/27(土) 19:42:38.49 ID:QTjg6JJ/

Thanks for opening up this thread. I feel much more relaxed here.
You keep calling me logical. But I don’t think I’m that logical.
Yes, maybe a bit logical than the average, but not very.
When I meet someone who thinks with strict logic, such as when
they explain linguistic or philosophical issues very logically,
I get tired very quickly.

I’ve always considered half emotional, half logical.
I’m definitely more logical than the average woman, but
among men, I may be regarded as a bit more logical than
the average man. That’s all, I guess.

38 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/29(月) 06:12:40.64

I didn’t know what “tmnt” stood for. I googled it and found it’s for
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” And you played those games and
things like that and you’ve learned to write English that well already,
huh? Impressive. You guys are all great.

I don’t know who you are yet, but you’re quite welcome here.
I hope lots of other guys will pitch in.

30 :81 :2019/07/28(日) 20:40:09.11

I’ve finished some of the tasks.

That’s a good idea. I’ll go back to anonymous state, too.
(Someone gave a message here. Maybe I’ll put my nickname when appropriate.)

I write computer programs and that’s how I make a living. I’m not making much
money, but I’m living with my father and I don’t spend much money. (My mother
already past away from a disease.)
I don’t use English for my work. But I hope I can use it for my work in the

As for my writing ability in English, I don’t attribute it to my English
skills. My English skills are not high and no different from those of others. I
wouldn’t pass Eiken first grade if I took it. But when I write something in
Japanese, people say I’m a good writer. But writing has never been my thing. To
me, to express myself in a written format requires lots of mental energy and
concentration and it’s very tiring. And I’m not good at expressing myself
verbally either. I like thinking. (More precisely contemplating.) I just wait
for something to come to me and I just try to express it out. Possibly it might
be a bit like carving a statue out of a piece of wood. You just try to see a
statue hidden in it and release it. (I’m exaggerating too much, sorry. I’m not
that great in any sense.) I just want to express out what I have in my mind.
Maybe you are doing the same thing.
Due to my poor English skills, it’s not always very easy for me to express
myself in English. Often times I don’t know how to say what I want to say. I
want to improve my English skills, and I believe it will give me a sense of
freedom more. (My thinking is limited by my language ability, and I want to
improve it not only for my future work but also for myself.)

8 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/27(土) 18:06:20.30

the way I see the world *as I do* might be depend

65 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 17:53:10.53 ID:/

Come to think of it, it seems I derive the sense of certainty from my attitude
of being honest with myself.

It seems that I see life itself is a temporal thing. Since life itself is a
temporal thing, everything in it is also temporal. No friendship, no love is
eternal. And I’m fine with it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t enjoy
temporal things just because they are temporal. I like playing games such as
shogi, and I know it’s a temporal enjoyment, and it’s fine with me.

Isn’t it enough that you are enjoying something? Do you need to be sure that
the other person is also enjoying? Isn’t enough that if you are being honest
with yourself and the other person says he is also being honest with himself
and both of you are saying that you are enjoying something?

Yes, of course, there is a chance that the other person is not being honest
with himself and that he’s not enjoying the activity. But it’s not your
business. It’s his business. You may get hurt from the dishonesty of him. But
again, it’s not your business but his business for him to be a clown.

59 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 05:05:09.28 ID:/

I have made a lot of posts. You don’t need to try to reply to all of them.

I noticed one nice feature of the voice typing functionality on Google
Documents. It not only offers spell checking but it also suggests corrections.

100 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/04(日) 10:00:28.07

Have you tried YouTube and Twitter for your output purposes?
I like Twitter basically, although for the past month or so I’ve
been rather inactive there. But when I feel like it, I write a
hell of a lot there.

As I’ve been saying, I’m into YouTube these days. I’ve always liked
YouTube as a means of educating myself by watching videos
on International politics, movies or movie clips, documentaries
on celebrities, people of letters, and international affairs, along with
numerous other issues.

But, since I’m a complete idiot when it comes to computing,
I had long stayed inactive in contributing my output until
about three years ago or so. Then little by little I struggled to
learn how to use the medium to contribute my own videos.
Now I regard it as by far the best means of educating myself.
I don’t expect people to see my videos. Obviously I’d be
thriled to death if some of my videos manage to allure
numerous followers, but I don’t expect too much.

After all, as I said again and again, I don’t think that real
communication is impossible. Even the most popular YouTubers
and tweeters must be all alone, without real contact with their
audiences. Almost all members of the audiences remain silent,
just liking some of the original posters’ videos or tweets or
posting one- or two-line comments. That’s all.

Even if some of us do manage to allure millions of followers,
then what? That too wouldn’t amount of a hill of beans in this
crazy world, as Humphrey Bogart says in “Casablanca.”

27 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/28(日) 17:11:08.67

I don’t think many people would dare to talk to either of us.
When anyone does speak up, then at that time alone each
can identify themselves to the other.

40 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/31(水) 07:20:29.63 ID:9IXCsdk/

I have been setting up my laptop PC. I bought the PC a while ago and I quit the
setup in the middle. I finally transferred to the new PC. What a tiring and
complicated task… I must make it simpler.

You have been working on such a big project. I checked the book you mentioned
at Amazon. It seems to have lots of positive reviews.
Carpenters is one of the musicians I have been wanting to start listening to,
but I’m not used to listen to Western songs — actually I don’t listen to music
in general much, whether Western or Japanese. I’m a single processor person and
my mind is almost always occupied by something from activities I’m having —
and when I tried to start listening to Carpenters some years ago, maybe it was
10 years ago or so, I thought it was a bit too early for me to start listening
to Western songs with lyrics. My brain didn’t seem to process English sounds
very well and I got kind of annoyed. Perhaps my brain treated English sounds as
noise rather than meaningful sound. Or it might be just that I got frustrated
because I couldn’t catch the lyrics. (I don’t listen to Japanese songs either.
I think I’m more inclined to English songs in terms of my taste, but in terms
of my knowledge of them I know next to nothing about English songs.)
Recently I found myself started enjoying listening to instrumental music, which
wasn’t the case before. Possibly, through my study of English, my brain got
used to listening to certain kinds of sounds. Maybe now I can enjoy listening
to Western music. That’s what I have been thinking and hoping lately. I think
Carpenters is a good start.

63 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 07:38:33.69

Many people will probably respond, “But some YouTubers do enjoy a large following
and many of their subscribers leave tons of comments in their comment fields.”
Yes, I know that. But just look at each such comment. How many of those commentators
actually leave messages that tell the original poster or their fellow commentators
anything of substance? They themselves have always been talking to themselves
without expecting even to be understood. In fact, most of them can’t even write
properly, whatever language they may be writing in.

Even those who do write
long enough comments in proper language — how many of them in fact
manage to follow the original poster for years and communicate with them
in earnest to the point where they would even meet them in person and
befriend them and even get married with them or start a long-term, real
relationship? If I may use another set of drastic phrasing, how many of them would
even want to die for the original poster if they profess to love them dearly?
No one. Absolutely no one.

And the story doesn’t stop there either. Even if one of such people communicating
in earnest with the original poster or anyone else for that matter actually
gets to start a long-term, person-to-person relationship, will that person manage
to even sacrifice their own life for the one they think they like or even love?

I myself have once thought I loved someone dearly to the point where I thought
I was ready even to die for her. But even that love faded ten years later.
Many people seem to believe that you have to nurture your own love if you
want to make it last. Yes, I know that. I would want to say to them,
“Don’t state the obvious! I know far better than you!”

48 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/31(水) 17:36:07.65

(2) Poems and songs are written with extreme succinctness. Songs, in particular, are typically
written in lengths short enough for people to finish singing within five or even three minutes.
But still, they are required to convey a lot of profound, complex feeling or idea or both.
Ideas and feelings required to be expressed in such songs are very often — or even at all times —
even more complex than the same length of text in a novel or nonfiction or newspaper article or other
fact-based writing. Poets and songwriters therefore typically have to make intellectual and intuitional
acrobats to express any one idea or feeling, trying to condense a tremendously heavy feeling or idea
in an extremely small number of words, which are nevertheless supposed to be written in a language
that should at least on the surface sound as if easy enough to be understood by teenagers.
They should never sound like a pholosophical work or an academic paper. And, most important of all,
these pieces of writing must definitely be artistically beautiful, even reaching the point where they
make the readers and listeners cry.

That is, I think, poems and songs are far, far more difficult not only to write but also to appreciate.
No wonder I had never managed to appreciate any poem or song fully, whether in Japanese or English,
untill only several years ago, even though by then I had read numerous novels, nonfiction books,
and even some books on philosophy, psychology, and other areas.

50 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/31(水) 21:49:32.63 ID:9IXCsdk/

partly because I’m not used to *typing* in English

51 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/31(水) 22:30:24.41 ID:9IXCsdk/

Composing sentences with voice feels quite liverating. If you haven’t tried it
maybe you should try it.

Now that I can write sentences a lot easier, I’m going to start replying to
your previous posts.

I don’t quite understand why some Japanese people attack other people just
because they are different from them. We have this saying
“出る杭は打たれる.” I think this saying represents our mentality of
Japanese. Each country has its own sayings and they seem to affect their
people. In Korea, they have sayings such as “溺れた犬は棒で叩け”,
“泣く子は餅を一つ余計にもらえる.” In Russia, I heard that
people don’t smile as much because of a saying they have. I’m not trying to
criticize cultures of each country. Rather, I don’t like letting illogical
sayings affect my behaviors.
Maybe those who attacked you found they couldn’t match you in English skills
and knowledge, and they couldn’t admit that you are better, they decided to
attack you.
Maybe there were other factors. I don’t know. Learning a language doesn’t mean
to acquire only a set of knowledge, but it also means that you get familiar
with the cultures they have. You might become less concerned about the saying
“出る杭は打たれる,” and you might start having mindsets similar to
those of foreigners. Maybe you might start acting a bit different from other
Japanese people, which is not accepted easily by those whose mentality is
represented by the saying “出る杭は打たれる.”

Talking about recognizing people by their own habits of writing, there were
times when people said my writing resembles that of somebody when I posted
something in Japanese. I read a lot and I think it affects how I write. Maybe
it might also be the case with you. Possibly those who read a lot might tend to
acquire a certain way of writing style.

60 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 07:06:04.97

I’m the YouTuber you were talking about. I’m not the one who
posted >>1.

Thanks for your advice. I know the length and frequency of
my posts don’t suit many potential viewers.

But here I’m not quite interested in becoming popular or
reaching many viewers. In fact, if once in a while one or two
viewers find one or two posts of mine interesting, that’ll be enough
— at least for now, anyway. I will therefore be content if
only five or ten out of all my videos (which number more than 300
now) lure one viewer each. Although very few and far between,
both Japanese and English speakers leave a comment on
some of my 90-minute or even 120-minute videos, saying
that they’ve learned a lot.

As far as videos on English study are concerned,
most Japanese viewers them are
rather on an intermediate level. These Japanese people
on an intermediate level — or even on what they might call
an advanced level — don’t seem to be comfortable enough to
listen to and read lots of information communicated in English.

I’ve met many Japanese who profess to be on a professional
level of English proficiency, who seem to have been using English
on a daily basis in their business, some of whem seem to be
Japanese-English translators, and who say they have passed
several impressive tests of English.

99 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/04(日) 08:15:24.44

I think what I want to have is a place for having output activities. I’m doing
most input activities in English already, and what I lack is a place to have
output activities in English.

82 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/02(金) 09:09:58.00

The third person hasn’t come yet. It’s me, the guy from the twilight zone.

I have been trying out a language learning app. It seemingly has lots of users
and they have been writing about their life and stuff with often times some
photos attached. But the conversations among people in the app seem to be
shallow. Posts disappear soon from the top page and people’s attention goes
from one post to another quickly. Having been using the app I felt more
isolated than before.

111 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/05(月) 07:04:12.73

As far as foreign accents in TV dramas and movies, they bug me too. But I do like
regional accents, like Southern American, Midwestern American, Irish, and regional
British accents. Although I am still not completely comfortable in understanding
spoken English in movies, especially in war and gangster movies, I enjoy the wide range of
regional accents of English native speakers seemingly from different parts of the land.

111 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/05(月) 07:04:12.73

As far as foreign accents in TV dramas and movies, they bug me too. But I do like
regional accents, like Southern American, Midwestern American, Irish, and regional
British accents. Although I am still not completely comfortable in understanding
spoken English in movies, especially in war and gangster movies, I enjoy the wide range of
regional accents of English native speakers seemingly from different parts of the land.

52 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/07/31(水) 23:01:23.40 ID:9IXCsdk/

I see that you have a very high proficiency in English. No doubt about it.
At the same time I kind of understand why they don’t bother to teach people
English for free. In my opinion it’s not that they are being selfish but it’s
that you are being generous. You could make some money using the time.

But there might be other factors other than being selfish or generous. I guess
possibly they are not confident enough with their English skills. It might be
too tiring for them to try to help other people for free in their English study.

I don’t intend to impose my views on you, but maybe you should consider using
the time you are spending on helping other people here on something else. Maybe
you could have some fun with the time. Maybe you could try out new things on
YouTube which might lead you to a way to make some money in the future. (Yeah,
you are already doing it. Maybe that’s something I should consider doing when
my English becomes better in the future.) My point is that you are being very
kind here. (I understand that you enjoy helping people here, though.)

25 :81 :2019/07/28(日) 15:17:49.91

I already want to move to another place. lol
I took a look at the Chat in English thread for the first time in a long time
and I found again that there are not many people there, and maybe there is
almost none who writes anything meaningful in English here. (In Japanese,
however, it seems that people are discussing things normally.)
I think it’s natural to some extent, because once you come to a point where you
can start communicating with people in English, there is no reason to stay in a
place where almost all the participants are Japanese.

I’m going to reply to your comment later. I have some things to do now.
(We were talking intensively, but maybe we should shift to a more casual and
relaxed manner. And that what you started doing.)

69 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2019/08/01(木) 19:12:16.80 ID:/

The impression I received from watching your videos was not bad at all. People
may like you and you may become popular someday. I just thought that you don’t
have to deny that possibility from the beginning and you can just be more

One more thing. Here in Japan, people always try to overly be humble, often
times in a negative way. And also, it’s safer to be defensive in a place where
you are vulnerable from possible attacks by people. This is such a place, and
possibly you are just trying to be defensive to protect yourself.

16 :The OED Loves Me Not :2019/07/27(土) 21:14:30.73 ID:QTjg6JJ/

Why don’t you call yourself
“The Guy from the Twilight Zone”? Haha.
Just kidding.


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